Sunday, July 13, 2014


 I woke up Friday to this lovely, foggy view. 
The day started with another fun antique outing.  This time they used a travel theme.  I've really got to move my stack of suitcases tomorrow.  Wouldn't they be perfect with my globes, bus route sign and travel pictures?

 Pretty in pink.
 I wish I could've captured how beautiful this gown was.  It is sitting inside a MASSIVE armoir.  They've placed the mirrored doors inside and hung a little chandelier inside.  It was stunning, but very difficult to photograph with a phone.
 I loved this little Paris crown, but didn't need it.  
A couple of other crowns I looked at were E X P E N S I V E.  Who needs a crown anyway?  
 If you have a media room, this would be a great addition. I'm pretty sure my Papaw had one of these.

 Look at this beautiful collection of windows! The chandelier isn't too bad either.
Somebody bought the two arched ones while I was standing there.  
I only went home with these two yo-yos.  Silly, I know.  I use to love playing with yo-yos  Did you?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This, That and The Other

I'm heading out of town tomorrow again. I figured if I don't blog about some random things today, I won't blog much at all. So I thought I'd give you a little update. 
Here is a peak at a new crafty project my WM team is making. I'll let you in on more details in the near future. This is the trial run, so the fabrics will be completely different. They are super simple to make and can be used for many different things. 
I thought I'd show you a little collection of vintage sand shovels I bought on Instagram recently. I have one more to add to the mix. It's a perfect summertime collection. 
I made some simple handmade stamps from pink erasers the other night. I pulled out my carving blades that I've had for 29 years. I took wood carving classes way back when. The erasers are surprisingly easy to carve. I did one more with hearts, but it didn't make the picture. I also bought some adorable ones from an etsy seller. Check her out, they are SO CUTE!! Her shop is talktothesun. She makes ao many different ones. 
I also recently searched for prayer journal ideas and printables on Pinterest. I found this beautiful one, among others. She also sells on Etsy. Her shop is ValMariePaper. She uses really nice paper for these. These are made to be used monthly, with new lists beginning each month. I'm anxious for July 1st to get here so I can start using it religiously. 

Well, there you have my recent randomness. I'm much more active on Instagram these days. Look for me over there, I'm Karen B. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Beachy Bedroom

There has been some fun antiquing going on recently.  First was the quarterly Vintage Marketplace event in Rainbow, CA.  We try to go every time.  I found this vintage tray with a cute pin-up girl inside. I thought she went well with my bathing beauty water bottle on the fireplace. 

I bought the bench on One Kings Lane and the linen curtains from Rough Linen. Which I LOVE.  This earlier post tells about the maps and photos we've collected over the years. 
 I bought this water bottle last year at Matilda's Mouse Barn Sale. I wrote about it on this post.  The big bottle is an antique as well as the little bottles and the float which I bought on eBay. 
 I found the huge rope at a local hardware store.  I think it does in the items on the mantle.
You can tell my bookshelves are not styled.  My husband refers to them as "working bookshelves".  Which means, keep your mitts off.  My next post will be more summer decorating with antiques and vintage items.  See ya then and stay cool!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Vintage Marketplace

Life has been busy this Spring as I'm sure it has been for you. I haven't been able to go to our favorite antique sales as much, but was able to go to one last weekend. So did everyone else. The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, CA was bigger than ever and so was the crowd. The parking was crazy! I thought I'd show you a peek at the sale. It's a mixture of antiques, vintage and handmade goodness.  Enjoy.  

One of my favorite things are the display booths.  This one was gorgeous! They had obviously dyed several chenille bedspreads for the canopy. 
 Many used vintage lace bedspreads and tablecloths.

This is one of our favorite vendors.  I love the color combinations she uses in her jewelry. 
Displaying them on vintage scrapbooks is a lovely touch.
 Can you spot the tiny Dalmatian in this Fairy garden?
 If I was still a little girl, this is where you'd find me. All. Day. Long.
Luscious fringey banners.
 The colors of this one really caught my eye and look perfect with the dress form and turquoise jewelry.
 Someone trimmed their Pepperberry tree.  

Check out their website for more pictures of the fun.  Come back in a day or so and I'll show you want I bought and how I'm using them. 


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